Poor financial wellbeing impacts employers & employees


employees (3 in 5) are struggling with money worries across all ages and income groups


lost per 1,000 employees through absenteeism, reduced productivity & turnover


borrow money to meet basic financial needs, mostly from credit cards, overdrafts and payday loans


of people run out of money between paydays

Introducing Salary Access

A groundbreaking new app that gives your employees access to a percentage of their earned pay in real-time. Salary Access creates a stronger link between work done and pay earned which results in:

More shifts booked

More people arriving for work

More minds on the job

Higher job satisfaction

Track and access salary earned

Give your employees more transparency, flexibility and control over how and when they get paid so they can budget better, without having to rely on expensive debt and credit to make it through to the next payday.

Tailored usage controls and reporting

Set bespoke rules around how much, how often and what type of pay employees can access.

Nurturing healthy habits

Help employees say goodbye to money worries and hello to a happier, healthier financial life with 'Neyber nudges' and a wealth of app based, easy to understand tools, tips and articles.

How it works

Neyber sits securely between your payroll system and an employee’s bank, and works seamlessly with 100% of UK HR and payroll systems. That’s why there are no changes to your normal payroll processes and employees can access their pay right up until payday.

Your company

Your company bank account

Employer pays employee salary via a Neyber account

Employee accesses salary earned throughout the month

Employee bank account

Your Employee

Join the Neyberhood and you’ll be in great company

Since 2014, Neyber has been on a mission to use technology to help people feel more in control of their money with access to fairer financial services if they need it.

Today we're available to almost 2 million employees through 450+ of the UK's most innovative companies.

Fintech with a human touch

At the heart of Neyber is a mission to make the financial world fairer and more accessible to everyone.

96% of our team joined Neyber because of our social purpose and created an experience for our customers that’s unlike any other financial services company you’ll have ever used.