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Track your earnings

See how much you've earned in real time and how much you can withdraw before payday so you can cover life's unexpected expenses and always stay on top of your finances.

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When you need to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in seconds without having to rely on expensive overdrafts, credit cards or payday loans. Instant access to your pay throughout the month whenever you need it. No expensive credit or interest rates, just a small transparent £1.50 transaction fee.

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Say goodbye to money worries and hello to a happier, healthier financial life with a wealth of app based, easy to understand tools, tips and articles. Access affordable loans and set aside a small amount from your salary each month to cover life's unexpected surprises.

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Your money is important. At Neyber we care about each and every customer who trusts us with their money. It's part of the secret of our success and why we've saved thousands of customers over £60 million! No robots, just a friendly team keen to help.

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At the heart of Neyber is a mission to make the financial world fairer and more accessible to everyone.

96% of our team joined Neyber because of our social purpose and created an experience for our customers that’s unlike any other financial services company you’ll have ever used.